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RENY Conference 2014

Rethinking Economics (in collaboration with the Modern Money Network) is currently organizing a student-run conference in New York City on September 12-14, 2014. This conference is aimed at sparking interest in new economic thinking amongst our peers and the general public and to create the same kind of momentum and excitement generated by Rethinking Economics conferences in Tübingen and London. We want to do this by creating a safe and stimulating space for engaging in independent critical thinking.

Program and speakers

The final program will be released in August. It is intended to incorporate smaller lectures and student-led discussion workshops in order to inspire participation and build a network for change.

Our 3 questions

The conference aims to engage 3 different questions that permeate throughout all of our events:

  1. Why rethink economics?
  2. What needs to be rethought in economics?
  3. How do we rethink economics?

We want to ask why there is a need to rethink economics. In order to address this, we need to step back and ask: What is economics and what are the aims and functions of economic research? What are some of the methodological and philosophical issues in the foundations of economic theory as well as in the history of economic thought? What is the role of mathematics in economics, the relation between economic models and reality, and the limitations of rationality and optimization assumptions? What are some paradigm shifts in the history of economics? What is the relationship of economics to other social sciences, including sociology and political philosophy?

We want to look at some concrete examples of what we can rethink in economics. We will explore alternative lines of research within all fields of economics, with a plurality of schools and methods to be represented at the conference. This will include such new approaches as agent based modelling, complexity, feminist, ecological, post-keynesian, marxist and austrian economics.

Finally, we want to address the role of economics in society and how to organize for change. We want to investigate how to change the role of economic experts in order to demystify economics as a technical science and build open and collaborative communities of economic thinkers. This discussion has a practical side too: we will engage in discussions of the recent push for curriculum reform, the role of new spaces for rethinking economics (the blogosphere, MOOCs, social media) and how to further build out the rethinking economics movement in North America.

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